About Us

Round Green Deer Farm has been the home of deer for over 30 years. We have our own on-farm high welfare abattoir designed especially for the species coupled with state of the art butchery that ensures farmed venison is available all year round.

As well as our own animals, which are farmed under a Quality Assurance Scheme for farmed deer independently inspected by SAI Global to ensure strict adherence to the standards of production and animal welfare, our highly skilled butchers' process venison from other carefully selected farms and parks to ensure that our customers always have a great eating experience. Therefore, raised to the highest welfare standards, Round Green Farm venison is an ideal choice for discerning customers who are keen to eat a healthy red meat, raised with the minimum of intervention in a near-natural environment. 


Our well-stocked shop not only sells Venison and Venison products but also carries a range of other game and exotic meats in convenient packs.  We run a wholesale operation that supplies and delivers portion controlled packs of top quality venison to the catering trade throughout the UK. If you are interested call us today at 01226 205577 or email to info@roundgreenfarm.co.uk, we are happy to help.

Doing our bit for the environment by recycling our abattoir by-products rather than adding to the waste mountain. We would like to introduce to you to our online store Venison for Pets where Venison bones, sausages, and other venison treats are now available. Give your pet healthy nibbles & chews in 2011.

Whenever you are at Round Green Deer Farm we offer FREE RANGE EGGS - LAID ON THE FARM, when available. So come and visit us, or try our top quality venison at one of our Round Green Farm stalls at your favourite farmer's market.