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Whole or half Venison Carcass.
Jointed & boxed to your specification.
Average carcase weight is 45Kg

Diced Venison.
Ideal for casseroles, pies, curries and stews, it is naturally lean and tender, we use choice cuts from the shoulder and leg.  Packed in approximately 1lb (450g) packs.

Venison Liver.
With a firm texture, mild and delicate flavour similar to that of calves liver, Venison liver is becoming a very popular and more affordable choice. It is delicious in a stroganov or simply fried with bacon or onions, again it is essential not to overcook it. Sliced and packed in approximately 6oz (170g) packs but it can be packed whole at around 23/4lb (1.250kg). please specify when you order.


Venison Mince.
Ideal for Chilli, cottage pie, lasagne, bolognaise, or burgers, either mixed with minced beef or lamb or on its own it makes a healthier alternative and adds a subtly different flavour to your usual recipe, packed in 1lb (450g) packs.

Roasting Joints

Venison Saddle Joint.
Venison loin, the most tender roasting joint, boned out, rolled and cut to your required size.
We recommend 170g - 200g (6-7oz) per person.  


Boneless Venison Haunch Joint.
Succulent and flavoursome thick flank.  Boned out, rolled and cut to your required size.
We recommend 170g - 200g (6-7oz) per person.   


Boneless Shoulder Joint.
Ideal for pot roasts or slow roasting, boned out, rolled and cut to your requirements, We recommend 170g - 200g (6-7oz) per person 


Venison Haunch Steak.
The Haunch or back leg carries the most flavour.  These steaks can be grilled, fried, barbecued or roasted, we cut the steaks to your requirements. 200g (7oz) is the most popular size, and pack them in 2's a pack will cost approximately £8  


Quick-fry Steak.
Haunch steak, cut thinly for a quick meal, ideal in sandwiches, as a light meal, barbecued or cut into thin strips for a stir fry or fajitas. a pack of two 100g (3oz to 4oz) steaks will cost about £3.90  


Sirloin Steak.
Cut from the loin along the top of the saddle, both tender and full of flavour these popular steaks are about 2.5cm (1") thick and weigh about 80g (3oz)each and packed in 2's, they can be grilled, fried or barbecued. A pack of two 80g (3oz) steaks will cost about £4.50  


Fillet Steak.
Taken from under the saddle this is the most tender of all the cuts.  A whole fillet is kite shaped and will only weigh about 450g.(1lb)  The steaks are cut to your requirements, a 140g (5oz) steak will cost about £4.25


Sausages & Burgers

3oz (87g) Venison Burgers.
Packed in 4's our very popular Venison burger is great barbecued grilled or fried, a simple mix of our minced venison,  minced pork, herbs and garlic.


Not suitable for those with wheat intollerance but try our


Gluten and pork free venison sausages


Gluten Free Venison Sausages With NO Added Pork.
Hand linked in artificial skins using our venison and our very own blend of herbs and spices together with flaked rice and deliquess instead of rusk and pork.  The sausages are packed in approximate 3/4lb (350g) packs or about 8 sausages to a pack 


Venison Sausages With a little added pork. 


Venison Sausages With a little added pork, Orange, Garlic and Corriander. 


Venison Sausages With a little added pork, Red Wine and Cranberry Sauce.


Venison Sausages With Pork, Apple and Cider.


Smoked Venison Haunch  

(Typical 120gm pack price  £5.96)  


Venison liver pate  113g (1/4lb) Tub.

Venison liver pate  228g (1/2lb) Tub.









Other Special Meats

Beef Wild Boar
Aged Sirloin Steaks approx 8oz Wild Boar loin steak
Wild Boar Sausage with Yorkshire beer Wild boar loin boned & rolled
Game Pie Mix Diced wild boar
Rare Breed Pork Pheasant
Shoulder boned & rolled Partridge
Loin boned & rolled Wood Pigeon
Leg on the bone Mallard
Leg boned & rolled Guinea Fowl
Chops Ostrich Fillet
Porchetta – suckling pig boned & rolled Quail - pack of four
Kangaroo Steak pack of two Smoked Trout fillet
Bison Steak pack of two Corn fed chicken breast x 2
Crocodile tail fillet    £5.50 per 200gm portion Whole Corn fed chicken
English Wild Rabbit
MAIL ORDER overnight delivery
£6.95 for up to 5kg including ice packs £8.50 for 10kg + 29per kilo over 10.
Packing weighs about 750gms.









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